28 March 2012

Smash and Grab Bike Theft at C Speed

Japan does not yet require bike locks that weigh more than our bikes, but even in Japan property crime does happen, sometimes serious property crime.

Please keep a look out for the three distinctive bicycles that were taken from C Speed very late last Saturday night/very early Sunday morning [CORRECTION -- Friday night/Saturday morning].  If you happen to see them around Tokyo, or Japan ... or somewhere else in Asia that a bike theft ring might ship them, contact the nearest policeman or C Speed (hiroshi@cspeed.jp).

1.  Avedio titanium bike -- Avedio frame, seat, stem, fork etc., and Campy record components and what look like Campy wheels, all in color-coordinated red accents against the silvery Ti frame.  Very expensive ... and distinctive.

2.  Nakagawa yellow steel lugged frame single speed/track bike.  Who would steal something like this -- immediately recognizable, distinctive,  ... and loses 80%+ of its value if you try to disguise the fact that it is a Nakagawa frame!

3.  Avedio Venus carbon bike ... with immediately recognizable "C Speed" labeled deep rim carbon tubular wheels.  Shimano build (Dura Ace) with FSA compact crank.  A similar black frame with red accents.


TOM said...

Thanks David for the alert

small correction:

not "very late last Saturday night/very early Sunday morning" but very late last Friday night/very early Saturday morning is when the thieves smashed their way into Hiroshi's shop.

I got there at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday and was very shocked at the sight of this deplorable crime. Hiroshi very admirably maintained his composure but I'm sure he's contemplating revenge on those bastards.

Let us all keep an eye open.

David L. said...

Dear Bike Locks:

There is a serial number on each frame and so they are readily identifiable if found. Also, as noted, each of the bikes taken was very distinctive. This has nothing to do with the fact that these and many other "sports bikes" are not registered. Besides, in Japan I don't think any shop registers bikes and affixes the sticket, even for mama-chari. until the bike is sold and delivered to the customer.