11 May 2012

Loaded for Bear

As you can see from photos of last week's ride, Jerome already got his "competition cut" and is ready for summer racing.  Now, I got mine, ... just to make sure I will be taken seriously when I show up next week at the start for the Tokyo-Itoigawa Fastrun Classic.


SteveT said...

So I read you like comments... well it seems we all have the same idea about haircuts for TOITO - got my locks shaved off a couple weeks ago, and you are still looking positively shaggy compared to me David ..!

David L. said...

Steve: Cannot wait to see your buzz cut ... but it would be difficult to cut hair shorter than my sidewalls without using a razor True, they did leave a little length on top, but it is short enough so I got a number of comments today at the St. Mary's school carnival asking me when I had enlisted in the military.