28 May 2012

Portland Reclaims #1 Spot -- Most Bike Friendly City in the U.S.A.

News Flash -- May 21, 2012.  

Bicycling Magazine's 2012 list of the most bicycle friendly cities in the U.S.A. is out. Portland, Oregon reclaims the number one spot on the bi-annual list, with Minneapolis (#2), Boulder, CO (#3), Washington, DC (#4) and Chicago (#5) rounding out the top five.

Read more here or here.  And you can see the full list here.

Separately, "Walk Score" Internet service that ranks real estate for walkability, has added a city wide "bike score" feature.  Minneapolis tops Portland (#1 vs #2) on that measure among larger cities, I think primarily because the "bike score" methodology detracts for hilly areas, and Portland has hills all over its west side.  Of course, those hills give the city much of its character, and give you a nice view of the snow capped Cascade Mountains.

Maybe some group should start a similar list for Japan?

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