19 September 2012

October 6 and 7 Monster Brevet

Jerome and I are signed up for a 600km Brevet sponsored by Kanagawa Audax starting on the morning of Saturday October 6, finishing late afternoon or evening of Sunday October 7.  

This promises to be quite a challenge, with lots of climbing.  I don't believe RidewithGPS's calculation of 16,150 meters elevation gain, but the truth could be around half that.  Rollers and "Jerome Hill" heading north along the edge of the hills out of town toward Okutama, out Route 411 over Yanagisawa Pass (elev. 1475m), the climb to Fujimi (elev 975m, west side of Yatsugatake), climb up over Tateshina/Daimon Pass (elev 1450m+) twice -- both going AND coming, then Fujimi again, then rollers along the Fujikawa west of Mt. Fuji, then a long slog up from near sea level over the west shoulder of Mt. Fuji on Pref. Route 71 (peaking over elev 1100m), then a return into town via Route 20 to Uenohara, a slight detour over Tawa and Tsuru (elev 875m) Passes, and again over "Jerome Hill" and more rollers.

If past years are any guide, early October can be ideal riding weather, and many sections will have very light traffic when ridden off peak hours.  Of course, the weather has been a bit unusual this year ... so no promises.

AJ Kanagawa website: 


Sign up on Sportsentry (1300 yen for Audax Japan members, 2500 yen for non-members, unsupported ride):

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