15 September 2012

Positivo Espresso Spring Training 2013

Positivo Europe have secured spring training facilities in Mallorca for April 2013 - some may think a little late for spring training, but we feel the team is better suited to the Grand Tours rather than the early season classics.... we don't want to peak too soon.

We would welcome company! We are staying at Club Pollentia (http://www.clubpollentia.com/index_english.html) near Alcudia from 12th April to 21st April. QoM says she wants a couple of rest days to do SUP (aka Pocahontas see below)

The more the merrier.


David L. said...

Looks great and I would love to join ... but unlikely I can make it from Tokyo in April.

I hope I can get back for cycling in Europe in the summer. LEL, SBS, ... or maybe Haute Route Pyrenees (2013 Sept 1 to Sept 7) http://www.hauteroute.org/en/news ?

mob said...

Looks great, why not, I could use some holidays, Mallorca is a nice place and a longer stay combining cycling with something else is a great idea.
Bring the Deltas!