09 October 2012

Hard Ride

Jerome and I successfully completed the Kanagawa October 6 (to 7) 600 kilometer Brevet.

It was a very hard ride.  8000 meters of climbing or a bit more, with plenty of steep hills even during the last 100 kilometers back into Tokyo.

We finished just after 10PM Sunday evening, 38 hours after the start and about 2 hours slower than other 600km events I have done in the past.  When we finally left the finish area for the drive home about 45 minutes later, the tally remained:  7 finishers, 12 DNFs, and 6 riders still out on the course, with another 1hr 15min left in which to make it back.

Audax Parisien has recently established a new category of event, the "Super Randonee 600".  These are rides of 600 kilometers, with at least 10,000 meters of climbing.  Completing one is now required in order to get one Audax award.  But the Super Randonee 600 events have a 50-hour time limit, instead of the usual 40 hours for a 600 km Brevet.  A good idea.
On the climb to Yanagisawa, river below and steep rock walls above
The weather on Saturday was good.
The weather on Sunday was even better.

The problem was in-between.  It started to rain around 6:30PM Saturday and did not stop completely until Sunday morning around 8AM.  So we were in rain, dark and cold for the climb from Chino up to Lake Shirakaba in Tateshina area, over Daimon Pass (approx Elev 1450 meters) and down a valley to around 600 meters elevation ... and once more back up the North side of the same pass.  This stretch, and the aftermath of riding wet through most of the night to get to the next checkpoint and far enough of schedule for some decent sleep ... claimed most of the DNFs.

SW of Kofu on Saturday afternoon looking to the Japan Alps

More SW of Kofu on Saturday afternoon
I did not get any photos, but the climb up Route 71 through Asakiri Kogen and Kami Kuishiki Mura, was beautiful.  Likewise the village of Saihara on the way up to Tawa Pass and Tsuru Pass -- idyllic Japanese village life, with the crops ready for harvest and the trees just starting to turn colors.


David L. said...

Audax Kanagawa has posted the final results at http://www.aj-kanagawa.org/2012-brm/brm1006sagamihara600

9 riders finished.
13 DNFs.

Also 9 DNS (most likely including people who signed up for both this event and the conflicting Aoba 600km ride around Kanto ... no mountains).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I'm deeply impressed! Rain and cold would definitely have meant DNF for me!

As you know, David and I did the 209km L'Eroica ride through hilly Chianti/Italy on the same day, 7th October. I'll commit to writing a post soon!

QoM ;-)