20 October 2012

Sunday Ride -- Yanagisawa

We will ride on Sunday and, given perfect autumn weather, try to get in some distance.

Jerome is staying with Stephen out in Oume (Ikusabata) overnight, so the main rendezvous time/place will be at 10:00AM at the Kori 7-11 convenience store (where Yoshino Kaido cross to the North side of the Tamagawa and ends, about 10 kms beyond Oume).

I will leave my house and pass the corner of Komazawa Dori and Kanpachi at 7:30AM.  It is almost 60 kms to Kori, so you might plan to show up a bit early (7:25) if you want to go out together.  No "15 minute rule" this time.  Leave at 7:30AM sharp (which means no later than 7:35AM).

Here is the planned route to Kori -- drop me an email if you want to meet us somewhere mid-way, so we will look for you.

Or you can take a train to Oume Station and, if you actually leave from there by 9:30, you should be able to get to the rendezvous point in plenty of time.

From Kori, we plan to go over Yanagisawa Pass, which seems somehow to have become Jerome's favorite climb.  Jerome might want to try Odarumi Pass for a second act, since he will have fresh legs from his Oume start ... or maybe Kamihikawa and/or Sasago.   I will take a bike bag since, given those distances, I expect to hop a train home from somewhere in the afternoon, even if I do make it over a second (or third) pass.

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Anonymous said...

Great site with loads of useful information! One mystery that remains is the naming convention for Japanese Strava segments. What do the numbers mean (eg. 3235 Climb)?