21 November 2012

Bike Craft -- wheels 00008 and 00009

A rainy Saturday, and I was still recovering from a cold so gave up on my plan for a longer Sunday ride.  I built up two wheels, number 00008 and 00009, using the last two of my SP Dynamo hubs. One is a Velocity A23 hub, with Sapim CX Ray spokes (32 x 3 cross), and with the PV-8 hub.  It is identical to my 2012 Brevet wheel, except for the PV-8 instead of an SV-8.  I will see if I can notice any difference, in drag or output, and will keep it in reserve or find it a good home.

The other is made with a 50mm carbon clincher rim from GS Astuto, an SD-8 (disk brake version) and an Avid BB-7 road disk rotor.  Also 32x3 cross CX Ray spokes.   32 spokes is overkill with this deep a rim for a front wheel.  I will install a GS Astuto cyclocross fork with disk mount on the Yamabushi, with this wheel, and try the setup on 2013 Brevets in Japan.  The speed of a deep carbon rim, the ease of a clincher, no worries about the rim as a braking surface, and an opportunity to experiment with a quality mechanical disk brake -- supposedly allowing for more nuanced braking.  I cannot wait to try it.
Super Brevet wheel

I picked up a great Pillar spoke wrench at GS Astuto along with the rim and fork -- really helps to build wheels with speed and confidence.  Like night and day.

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