25 November 2012


Stephen was in town again this weekend from Hong Kong, and Jerome joined him Saturday evening at his place in Ikusabata, west of Oume.  The weather was spectacular -- clear and crisp, with the autumn colors near peak.
Jerome takes photos on the Nokogiri descent
I left home around 7:20AM Sunday and tried to make decent time without working too hard, getting to Stephen's a little after 9:30AM.  Jerome had gone on a major convenience store run and gathered breakfast items, which we ate on the porch in the sunlight.  It was cold even in the sun, with a breeze and perspiration on my jersey chilled after a few minutes resting.
More from the grotto/water hole on the Nokogiri South side descent
We rode up to Yoshino Kaido to Kori, then further up via Okutama Kaido to Okutama Station and, a few minutes beyond, to the left hand entrance to the climb.  It was great to finally get off the main road and away from the tourists.
At the top of Nokogiri, Stephen is ready for more. ... plenty of warm layers.
The road is in better condition than the last time I did this climb, in January 2011, 22 months ago.   And the cool weather was perfect.  I climbed without any photo stops, but also without any effort to push hard ... and still managed to shave 2 1/2 minutes off my prior best time.  Cool weather and better road conditions make a difference.  On the descent, we stopped at the small water hole just after the short tunnel ... for more photos.
Cover photo for next year's "Men of Positivo Espresso" calendar?

Warm layers ... but could use some full finger gloves.
Jerome came to the rescue and lent a pair.

This is why we ride on side roads into the mountains.

We went down the South side and together as far as Itsukaichi, where I headed for home.  140 kilometers, one big climb, and home before 3PM.


TOM said...

Haven't climbed Nokogiri for a while, particularly from the Okutama-side up. Would have loved to join this one! Next time maybe?

David L. said...

Thanks, Tom. Definitely we can be your "Sunday ride" next time ... a warm down after you ride your usual 250km+ on Saturday.