04 July 2013

Wheel No. 00010 (and 00014) For Jerome

Jerome has had a run of trouble with rear wheels.  He favors wheels from a certain French famous brand we shall refer to as "M".   He had M wheels on his old Peugeot bicycle, on his newer Look bicycle (ca 2010 ... replacement for the one that was stolen).

In any event, the lower end M wheels on his Look bike started to have serious problems last year as he essentially rode them into the ground.  Repeated adjustments and new spokes did not solve the problems, so it was time for something else.

He started to use the old (mid range) M wheels from his Peugeot, but the cassette/free wheel has some play in it and needs a replacement part, ... which are no longer available given the age of the product.

So I told him I would build him a wheel, and meanwhile sold him (steeply discounted) my R P "made in Oregon" wheels, which I got for Transalp 2011 climbing.  I thought they would be okay for him, since he is 10+kgs lighter than me.  ... but he broke spokes, 3 over the first few months.

So for the SR600, I offered to swap the R P wheels for my older 2004 M Ksyrium SSC SL wheels -- which have been completely rebuilt once by our expert local shop, new rim, etc., etc., and have not gotten much use lately as they have been on my son's bike.  ... but he broke spokes again during the SR400, on Utsukushigahara and again on Route 141 near Kiyosato.

So, at last, the SOLUTION.  I finally built wheel No. 00010.  32 spokes 3-cross, DT competition drive side, DT revolution non-drive side.  Basic hub (Shimano 105 - 5700).  Light rim (DT Swiss RR415).  Strong, reasonably light, and let us hope it can stand up to even Jerome's big ring torque-heavy climbing style.
Sadly, the wheel has no French components.  At least I put back on the Michelin tire ...
UPDATE:  August 2013.  I have now completed the companion front wheel, No. 00014.  It also has an RR415 rim, but an SP Dynamo SV-8 hub and 32 3-cross DT Revolution spokes.  He has been using the heavier Shimano dynamo hub and DT Competition-spoked wheel for the past almost 2 years.  If the RR415 rims are sturdy enough for Jerome, then he should be zooming up the hills on future brevets.

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