01 July 2013

SR425? Flash Report

Your correspondent is too busy for a full trip report ... but in the meantime, Jerome and I each DNF'ed on the SR600.  But "DNF" has a negative connotation, and this was in fact a very nice, very epic ride.  Just that neither of us had allowed enough time for sleep in the day or two before the ride, I had not planned for an early enough start to actually get home at a decent hour Sunday evening, and Jerome suffered another rear wheel failure ... with my interim repair only getting him part of the way home.
Venus Line!
The Fuji SR600 is an incredible course, and we will try it again, with better preparation, and ride it to completion.
At Shibu Pass -- highest point on a National Highway in Japan
In the meantime, I got to ride some incredible climbs for the first time -- most notably from Kusatsu to Mt. Shirane and the 2172 meter elev. Shibu Pass on Saturday, then on Sunday morning the climb from Ueda up to Utsukushigahara (1940 meters elev.) and along the Venus Line.  Spectacular.  
Near Utsukushigahara
And in addition to deer at night on the climb to Yamabushi Pass in Chichibu, I saw one of these ungainly beats in the wild on Saturday afternoon:
Kamo Shika (from Google Images ... no time for a photo ato 50kph+ on a descent)

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