27 June 2013

SR600 Fuji this weekend!

This weekend, Jerome and I will attempt the Fuji SR600.  What is an SR600?  It is a course of 600 kilometers and at least 10,000 meters of climbing.  To qualify for "credit" as a randonneur, one must complete it in 50 hours (10 hours longer than a "normal" 600km Brevet, to accommodate the extra climbing).  In this case, since there is EVEN MORE than 10,000 meters, the time limit is 52 hours.

The course looks spectacular

The climbing is daunting, with 2 passes of more than 2100 meters elevation, and a whole bunch just a little bit lower. 
At least the weather seems reasonably cooperative -- not too cold on the high passes, not outrageously hot in the low valleys, and no segment that is showing (24+ hours before the start) a greater than 30 or 40% chance of rain ... after two or three very wet weeks!

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