14 June 2013

Brevets on Gravel?

Jerome and I would love to plan some Brevet courses some years in the future, when we each have fewer job and family commitments. ...

So after seeing this NY Times story, and reading on the Seattle Randonneurs' list about this San Francisco based series of gravel long distance rides, I think I need to consult with Tom, Manfred and others about potential Brevet courses on real backroads in Japan.


TOM said...

Hi David,

Hiroshi is right now working on a dedicated gravel-road bike for me. With extra clearance and long-reach/arch calliper brakes this bike will take up to 30c tyres. I'm getting older and don't enjoy racing up toges like I used to. The new gravel bike will come with a triple crank too! I'm definitely in for gravel tours! Planning to do the entire Gunma Super-rindo soon.



David L. said...

Tom -- Wow, a dedicated gravel-road bike sounds like a great concept. It almost sounds like a cyclocross bike. Well, actually, it sounds EXACTLY like a cyclocross bike.

I look forward to learning the rindos from you. If Jerome and I ever set up "Audax Setagaya" we can include some dirt/gravel routes just for the challenge.