04 June 2013

NYC's Bicycle-Promoting Totalitarians!

Here is the link to Ezra Klein's take on this WSJ fumble (and you can view the video there) -- both he and James Fallows used the comparison to The Onion  ... somehow the embedded video seems not to work from blogger.com ...

No, this is video is not from "The Onion".   It is from a WSJ editorial board member who knows that she represents the "majority" view.

Those UGLY bicycle racks.  Bike parking racks are a fire hazard ... cars, not so much.
 4 wheels good, 2 wheels bad!
Over the past five years in NYC, 597 pedestrians hit by cars and trucks. None killed by cyclists. ... But everyone "knows" that cyclists are the real threat, even more so since they were empowered by the mayor and his ideologically maddened traffic commissioner!
Didn't the Chinese ride bikes when they were really communists?  Don't those Dutch socialists ride bikes?  Don't you see the connection?
A cyclist was killed by SUV in the first week of bike sharing program. The answer -- punish the victims.

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