01 September 2013

Watanabe & Watanabe - P.E. Approved

Since Jerome mentioned our new "approved" P.E. stop on the Venus Line, I thought I should give a bit more information for the benefit of the uninitiated.  The restaurant is at Tobira Pass (扉峠), a few kilometers to the NW of Wada Touge.  It is off the highway above a retaining wall, and its real name is the catchy "Japanese Restaurant Tobira" (和風れすとらん扉). 

When Jerome and I pulled in for lunch on the June-end weekend, Ms. Watanabe saw our SR600 frame badges and said "you must be doing that crazy 600 km thing, right?" We were not her first Audax customers that weekend, and the SR600 seems to be generating a regular flow of business.

They offered good, filling lunch food, reasonable prices, a very nice view, and the service was friendly.  What more could one ask for?

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