25 September 2013

Yamabushi -- Back from The Swamp

The Yamabushi is back from Above Bike Store and its paint shop, The Swamp.  With this, the bike is complete.

I tried to snap some photos of the new painted lettering ... but then found they have already put some photos on the Above Bike website better than any I could take.

We talked through the lettering for the bike name -- Yamabushi -- and my name at the base of the seat post, but for the head badge I just asked for something with my initials and said "omakase" -- leave it to you.  The result is a bit nautical, which goes well with the blue powder coat in the background.

UPDATE:  One element of the paint details NOT captured by AboveBikeStore's photos ... the painter's signature, at the base of the left chainstay just behind the BB.  Here:

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Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic, David!