30 December 2013

Early Winter Ride

Looking over hidden Lake Tsukui to the North Shore.  Early winter version.
Looking out from the high point of the North Shore road at tunnel entrance.  Sun glistens on the water. 
Looking SE into the Kanagawa sprawl of Sagamihara -- what I rode through to and from Yugawara
I awoke early Sunday.  Jerome had suggested we ride at daybreak (well ... 7AM) ... as he needed to get back early.  I was happy to accede, but next time he suggests an earlier-than-usual start I should place a wager -- something like "if you show up on time, free coffee and pastries; if you are more than 5 minutes late, you owe me 1000 yen."  If I had 1000 yen for each time ...   This is why I like starting our rides at my house.  If someone is a bit late, I can go inside and read the newspaper and sip coffee.

Anyway, he sent an SMS around 645AM noting that he was just waking up and far behind schedule, so even before I went outside I was able to have a second cup of coffee.  I  made some tweaks to the bike, and headed out alone around 730.
Mt. Fuji over the Asagawa
The entire day went at a slower-than-usual pace, my body conserving its energy in the cold.  I pulled off at a Mini Stop before Hachioji on the way to Takao. More SMSs and a phone call with Jerome indicated that he was on his bike and about 20 minutes behind me.   Another rest in Takao at the Family Mart (sunny side of the street -- winter alternative to the shaded 7-11) and he seemed to be closing the gap.  But I was getting cold waiting and so started the Otarumi climb alone.  Although it was now after 10AM, the Route 20 roadway temperature gauge part way up the climb, in direct sunlight, stated 2 degrees celsius.  Barely warmer than when I left home.
Mt. Fuji and Cyclists from Otarumi Pass
Jerome and I finally met up on the far side of Otarumi Pass near the Sagamiko train station, and rode the remainder together -- Tsukui-ko, the Tank Road and Onekansen -- and one more convenience store stop, back into town.  It was a decent 110 km ride on a sunny winter day.
Mt. Fuji from Otarumi Pass

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