06 December 2013

Tokyo Metropolis Guide to Tokyo Cycling

There was an interesting article online in English language Tokyo Metropolis magazine recently entitled Roads Scholars.  You can find it here.

Did you know that Tokyo is ranked as the 10th most bicycle friendly city in the world by "Copenhagenize"?  I did not.  That 14% of everyday trips in Tokyo are by bicycle?  (14% sounds about right, given the bicycle's dominance as a mode of transport here for local shopping and to/from station and school commuting.  That compares to 2% for London and 3% for San Francisco.)

Just as important, the article highlights other English language resources and groups on cycling, including TCC, Half Fast ... and this very blog:  "a venerable blog with postings on routes around Kanto and other useful resources, which once featured hilarious posts by the blogger known as MOB, who left Japan several years ago."

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