03 January 2014

Ekiden Ride

On January 2 we did the traditional Ekiden Ride, along the course of the Hakone Ekiden to Odawara.

I rode with my sons, who had no problem keeping reasonably close to me this year.  We made it to Route 1/Route 16 in time to catch the TCC group, led by Fumiki and Delta Force, and rode with them through Totsuka.  Fumiki ignored the police waving us onto the side road, but the rest of us meandered via Totsuka Station and rejoined the Route 1 bypass at the top of a hill, at the Ekiden's Totsuka checkpoint.  Soon after, my boys and I pulled off at a convenience store and the rest of team TCC went ahead.  We made it to Odawara, enjoyed lunch and hopped the train home.

It looks as if Fumiki made it up to Ashinoko and over the Tsubaki Line climb, and back via Oku Yugawara, Manazuru etc.

Weather was spectacular, the roads were crowded, and we ended up steering off course to get a few more kilometers riding directly on the water's edge.  Surfers were heading out to enjoy the sunshine.

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