18 January 2014

First look at the Tiny Busch Mueller Eyc T Dynamo Light

A new dynamo light arrived yesterday from Bike24.  It is the Busch & Mueller Lumotec IQ2 Eyc T Senso Plus  It is very bright (50 Lux), has a switch and on/off sensor, was reasonably priced (far less than half the cost of a Supernova E3 or a SON Edelux).   Reasonably broad beam pattern and plenty visible to ride relatively fast on a dark road.  And the "Senso Plus" indicates that it has daytime running lights and automatically senses darkness.

All that makes it seem to be a very good product. 

But wait, there's more!

The most remarkable feature of this light is that it is small.  Very small. tiny, miniscule.
Fits in the palm of my hand!
Mounts easily on the front brake holder.
Close-up shot
As a result of the small size, it fits on my brake mount and clears all of the hardware -- including the braise on shifter barrel adjustments/guides that get in the way of every other dynamo light I have tried to mount here on the Ti Travel bike!

I also purchased and installed my first rear light for dynamo use.  I got a Philips light that claims "220 degree visibility" and offers a seatpost attachment, a major advantage in my case over those that attach to a rear rack for example.  It is a bit large and clunky, but seems to work quite well.

Now, just a matter of using the Eyc T enough to confirm its durability.  See my earlier review of various dynamo lights.

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