23 February 2014

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

I am behind on my training schedule.  What to do?

Get out the Powercranks for some fun while commuting and on the trainer!  The Osymetric cranks are EASY on the legs -- less effort to get through the "dead spots".  I really should avoid them for training, and just use them for events.

The Powercranks, on the other hand, will get the job done.  Stronger legs coming up!  Legs that will shut up when told!  I have not used these since 2011, when they helped me get ready for Transalp.  And eventually I got to the point where I managed to ride around Mt. Fuji using them, with plenty of climbing.

And I finally got the shift lever I need for the Retroshift set up.  So for now the Canyon is an odd beast.  Powercranks.  Right side Retroshift.  And a new Ultegra 6700 rear derailleur and a new 12-30 rear cassette.  If the Retroshift works out, eventually I will move this groupset to the Ti Travel bike, for randonneuring, and put the SRAM Red groupset on the Canyon for speed.

Retroshift with Dura Ace lever.

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