09 February 2014

Panasonic Blue Beauty

The Panasonic bike is built up!  The handlebar arrived Friday so I could do the cabling and final build during Saturday's snow storm.

It is a dark blue, with black saddle, bar tape, etc and silver seat post, stem, etc.  The blue rims on the wheels are the only thing flashy.

The components?  Here are most of them:

Jack o' Lantern?

Okay, one or two non-Japanese parts.  But majority Japan content.

A few more photos mid-build:

Awaiting the handlebars so I can do the cabling.


mob said...

Well done, david. I like the design and the colors which are basically blue, black und silver only. Interesting Ultegra combination, old STIs with new crank set, not sure about brakes and derailleurs.
I guess I would have preferred silver rims but its not that bad. Oh yes and I think you still need to shorten the chain. A blue beauty, really.

David Litt said...

Hi MOB: Thanks. All the Ultegra components are 6600 series except the crank, which is 6750 compact.
Opinions will differ about the blue rims, but at least they provide an individual touch.

As for the chain length, the photos show it on 34-12 cogs. It might not seem too long if I had photographed it instead on 50-27 or somewhere in between. ...

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Very tastefully put together. Mine is arriving soon in yellow. Not so masterful as you are so I'm putting Hiroshi in charge of the assembling!