29 June 2014

New Look for the Yamabushi

The Yamabushi looked great (to me at least) with deep rim carbon wheels and black Schwalbe Ultremo ZX fat (700x28) tires.

But with my new H Plus Son shiny rimmed wheels, it was time to try a new look.

I tried the new wheels on the Yamabushi, with some Schwalbe Durano light beige colored tires, and my Brooks B-17 saddle.
Yamabushi with Schwalbe Durano tires and Brooks B-17 saddle
The Durano tires ... I found provide a very thick, clunky feeling.  They are heavy, not supple, and offer little road feeling.  The Brooks Saddle, is nice, but wider than my standard Fizik Arione.  And the faux carbon bottle cages, which at least made some sense with carbon rimmed wheels, now look totally out of place.

So I replaced the Durano tire with a pair of Grand Bois 700x30 tires I have only used once -- classic side wall and black tread, and a very comfortable ride that still offers plenty of road feel.  I went back to the Fizik saddle, and finally, got a very nice pair of Arundel stainless steel bottle cages.
Grand Bois tires and Fizik Arione saddle 
Arundel bottle cages -- very nice!

Rear wheel -- 

and Front Wheel

Matching headlight -- brushed aluminum finish fits the fender, rim etc.
Now the Yamabushi is a fast, fun, comfortable and good looking bike!  Again!

For a post from another Tokyo based expat's blog showing alternatives for stainless bottle cages, see this.

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