14 December 2014

Wheels No. 00023 and 00024

Last week I finally built up two of the black H Plus Son Archetype rims I got earlier this autumn.  The H Plus Son Archetypes have worked out very well -- better than the Sun XCD and much nicer looking than the TNI rims, and reasonably priced.  I like the black even better than the polished silver I already have for the Yamabushi.  So in addition to these two rims, I have another a 32-hole rim for use with my first SV-9 hub (when it arrives), and a 36-hole rim to replace a Velocity A23 rim when it exceeds its useful life with the White Industries hub ... sometime in the next 18 months if that rim gets use.

I build these with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and a Dura Ace 9000 rear hub and SV-8 black front hub.  They make a very nice pair of wheels for brevets and longer rides.  Better than anytime I have built recently for my own use.
No 00024 (Left -- rear) and No 00023 (right -- front)

Dura Ace 9000, Sapim CX Ray (32 spokes), H Plus Son Archetype = very high quality, nice aluminum clincher
Always build so you can see the label on the hub through the valve hole.
Front wheel -- SV-8 dynamo hub, Sapim CX-ray (32 spokes) and H Plus Son Archetype =
very low drag, very comfortable dynamo aluminum clincher
Washers on the spoke heads for reduced stress/reduced spoke breakage.

A 1024 gram front wheel with dynamo hub
... a bit heavy, but think of the weight of all those batteries that you can avoid carrying.
913 gram rear wheel -- nice for such a solid, wide rim!
... I may need to reduce the wheel inventory in the garage sometime soon, as I am building them now much faster than they wear out.

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