05 December 2014

Wheels -- Nos. 00021 and 00022

I built up more wheels with dynamo hubs for a few friends this month.  Let there be light!

Wheel #00022.  For T-san, a long time Audax rider, he wanted a light, low profile rim.  Hiroshi Koyama of C Speed recommended the Ambrosio Excellight, instead of Mavic Open Pro.  The rim looks very nice (eyelets) and builds up fine, and is quite light weight (430g).   I prefer wider rims for Audax, but for T-san or other Japanese riders and Japanese roads this should be fine.  I have been happy with the Ambrosio Evolution rim I built up and then gave to Jerome in 2011.   I used DT Swiss Revolution 2.0/1.5 spokes, which I have had good experience with on many front wheels.  T-san asked for a PV-8 -- a bit higher output at low speeds than the SV-8, and maybe better if you will be using a USB charger, though a slight trade off in terms of drag.

Ready to build
Wheel #00021.  For H-san, a member of our Fleche team, my instructions were to minimize cost -- for him this is an experiment and he is not sure whether he will actually take to it or not.  So he chose an inexpensive TNI rim, and I used some reasonably priced Hoshi 1.8mm spokes.  The higher rim should be more aerodynamic, but also somewhat stiffer.

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