16 March 2016

For the Cyclist Who has Everything?

Yes, I already have a nice Ti frame, Steel, Aluminum ... and now a beautiful carbon Parlee Altum R, and Renovo hardwood.  No need for anything else, right.  Maybe a recumbent someday?  Or maybe ...

What about this:  a report via Bikerumor at NAHBS of a Titanium and carbon blended, 3D-printed frame designed to the customer's specs
Is this the shape of things to come in cycling ... and other industries?
The Bastion Cycles site even has an FAQ page

Somehow they missed one question on the tip of my tongue ... how much will it cost????
I guess if I need to ask ...

UPDATE:  In reading Jeremy Rifkin's "The Zero Marginal Cost Society", I am told that 3D printing should be a much cheaper method of production than traditional manufacturing, using materials in a much more efficient manner and making use of open source software.  Nice in theory, and maybe 10 or 20 years down the road.
FWIW, an article that appears online in Bike Rumor and 3ders.org (a 3d printers online site?) indicates that the Bastion frames are "quoted as starting from A$7000").   

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