12 March 2016

Spin up the river

Today I took a quick afternoon spin up the Tamagawa.  I wanted to get some exercise in limited time, but did not really want to do repeats, so I did the Yomiuriland hill, the first hill of Onekan, then the "hospital hill" and came back.  The pollen seems better than last weekend -- two decent rainstorms in the intervening week have washed some of it away.

Just under 50kms, and around 375 meters of climbing, in around 2 hours.

Two items of note.

First, there is a new Starbucks under construction in Inagi, not far from the start of Onekansen Doro.  So next winter, training rides to Onekan and Wakabadai may potentially involve coffee at BOTH ends of Onekan?!

Second, Jerome is now out of the country and will not be back for awhile. The traffic police have taken this as an opportunity to pull their teams off of the streets and brush up on their skills.  So for the rest of us, a bit of smooth sailing.

Maybe I will try the same course again tomorrow?

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