15 May 2016

Normal week

It was a pretty normal week of riding for me.  

No epic 1200km events. Still, I did manage to commute 4 days out of 5, including one day that included a trip to Keio SFC and then into town, for almost 100 kms on a single, working weekday. 

On Saturday I took a normal weekend ride -- Jerome and I had planned something long I but ended up feeling fatigued and like my stomach was not quite right, so peeled off early, rode at a more leisurely pace and settled for 115 kms (plus another 12 kms later for a trip to an evening event and back).  So it was a normal week, and I still managed at least 300 kms.

It might have been the nicest day of the year for my trip to and from SFC.

Heading out Onekan on Saturday morning - we stop where lots of riders gather, at my request.
Yet another photo of the suspension bridge over Tsukui-ko
From a hillside SE of Tsukui-ko -- tranquil except for the poster of the omnipresent Kazuo Shii,
(permanent?) chair of the central committee of the Japan communist party
Very green on Saturday
I was distressed that another 7-11 (this one near Komae / Odakyu Line) has shutdown near the Tamagawa on the way out
of town ... until I remembered that at least 2 new ones had opened nearby in recent years.
Again, a pretty normal week.  The next big planned event for me is the Hokkaido 1200 in July. If I can just keep up this pace of normal riding until then, I should be fine.

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