25 May 2016

The Return

It has been a while since I posted on the Positivo Espresso Blog as most of my cycling adventures these days are limited to the flatflands of Northern Germany and therefore of little interest to the mostly Japanese/US readers of this fine blog. However recently I have been made aware that one important person which had became quite often the subject of meticulous und objective commentary here in the past has been invited to the Oxford Union. I am talking about, if this hasn't become clear by now, of course about David Hasselhoff, aka "the hoff".

The Oxford Union is an old and venerable debating society located as you might have guessed in the city of Oxford. I have to admit that it is one of my small pleasures in life to watch youtube videos from their debates before falling asleep and my absolute favourite is the speech of Craig Murray at the American Dream debate.

In any case, many famous people have spoken at the Oxford Union, among them Winston Churchill, Jimmy Carter and Albert Einstein. On the other side of the spectrum we may also find Boy George, Paul Gascoigne or Malcom X. In recent time there seems to be a lack of good speakers; I cannot find a good reason to invite Sepp Blatter, PSY or any character from the games of thrones series.

But now, to my great pleasure after watching the complete speech of David Hasselhoff, I could not possibly hold back my feelings of utter adoration for the great Hoff and his rigorous analysis of the end of the cold war and his not too small contribution in this respect in 1989. As we all know, the Berlin Wall fell down in 1989 because David Hasselhoff convinced the world leaders (the good guy and the bad guy) that he should sing his superhit "Looking for freedom" in Berlin. At the Oxford Union he gives a vivid acount of the events that led to this substantial change of course in world history. We also see his contemplative side, when he reflects on the rather cheesy side of the jacket he wore during this night; however he still owns it.

The complete one hour speech is also available on youtube but let me just say that this 3:17 min segment about the night he changed the world  is more than enough to understand the genius within the hoff.

Enjoy. Or get the National Geographics.


David Litt said...

Hi MOB. Thanks for sharing and getting this blog back to its origins. Did you know that A MILLION people (well, Germans) heard the Hoff sing "I've been looking for freedom" back in 1989 at the Berlin Wall? In case he forgot to mention it. But I don't think the Oxford chat can compare with the actual event.


Richard said...

MOB, have you booked your cabin on the cruise yet?!


mob said...

Thank you, Richard.
You are one of five people on this globe who felt obliged to point out this Guardian article to me. I have to accept that the names of David Hasselhoff and mob are interweaved for all time to come.
I am not sure if I would survice the cruise, though.