19 June 2017

Beautiful June Day - Ride with Didi

 Didier was in town from Hong Kong this weekend, so I joined him for a "flat" ride on Saturday. We took his normal route to Hinode and back ... though we got separated a few times when he went someplace I was not expecting, and I stuck to my well-ridden roads or the path. It was a bit hot, but generally really nice weather for June. Later on, in the early evening, was incredible -- a cool breeze, dry air. Not Tokyo June! Of course, Sunday was much more sticky, and rain started after noon.

I felt lethargic, but I think that had more to do with the cold I got a week earlier than anything else. At least I got in 92kms and was not totally knackered. And good to catch up with another former Tokyoite returning to town. Seems to be a theme in recent weeks.

Still, I am not in the shape I was in 2015. I need to train!

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