10 June 2017

Nice Article about Ken Bonner, the "relatively fast, old guy"

There is a nice article about Ken Bonner of the BC [British Columbia] Randonneurs here at Road Bike Rider.

As I have mentioned before I had the privilege to ride the first few hours of the 2012 Cascade 1200 with him, starting out with the fast group, but both of us eventually trailing off the back as, at one point, they powered ahead at an unsustainable pace. Then another half hour or so, we got to a short climb, and Ken kept going at the same pace, while I slowed!

Of course, that was the first morning of the 1200kms. He finished the event a day or more ahead of me.

I guess I really should be keeping track of my randonneuring mileage, if only to measure what fraction of events I have done compared with some of the giants of this type of event. ... Ken has now ridden 230,612 kms in 422 official events (as well as lots more "permanents". Of course, he also ran 173 marathons before calling it quits. That is 173 more than I have.

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