06 February 2008

Bicycle Registration Papers

While traveling the Philippines last week my wallet was stolen containing my japanese bank cards, alien registration card, health insurance card and my bicycle registration papers (for both my bicycles). The problem now is that I dont know where to get those papers re-issued !? Does anybody have an advice / idea ? Your help is much appreciated.


mob said...

Basically no idea, but wouldn't it be possible to remove the yellow registration tags from your bicycles and then go to the local police station and ask for registration as you have just brought these bikes to Japan from your home country Germany? Perhaps you even have some German "invoices" to proof that?

It sounds easier that way than to go through the perhaps cumbersome process of re-issueing the registrations.

Anyway, must have been a terrible experience for you - hope you are ok.

marek said...

thanks michael for your advice. actually i bought both bicycles here in Japan. Its a real pain to get all those cards and papers re-issued. i am only worries that i get stopped by the police and then have no proof that those bikes belong to me.

TOM said...

Real sorry to hear about your very unfortunate experience Marek. If I were you, I wouldn't be worried too much about the bike's registration...none of my bikes are registered and many cyclists don't do it for their race bikes. You do that for your mamacharin (or papacharin if you want) you use for shopping or going to your station. On the other hand, the alien card must be a real hassle.