06 June 2008

Saturday June 7th Ride

Weather looks excellent on Saturday (27-19 degress, 0% rain) and David as well as me would be available for a short/mid range trip. which lasts until perhaps 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

How about the following:

7:30 David House
8.20 Sekido Bashi (if Tom comes)
Tamagawa -> Asagawa -> Takao -> Wada -> back to route 20 -> reverse Otarumi -> and back

Should be app. 120 - 130 km from Davids house maximum, we could be back by 2 easily.
And add some more results for our "togebaka" chart.

I hope Juliane is OK after going up like Pantani, then making the Australian Track Salto and finally resorting to a pure Millar.

I have JCRC race on Sunday as well, so I don't want to go out for too long and a too exhausting ride. Wada is just fine. Soccer EM is also due to start tomorrow.


TOM said...

youbetya...splendid weather tomorrow but what a terrible waste to stick to such a short, unadventurous route. Keep Wada Otarumi for semi-rainy days! Sorry, won't join on this one.

Instead, I am thinking of doing a "supermonster" ride...all the usual toges to Enzan and back (including Wada, Imagawa and Sasago) + an obscure new toge called "Dog Slashing Pass" Inugiri-touge 犬切峠 on Omekaido (R411) just ahead of Yanagisawa-touge! I need some adventure!

David L. said...

Michael -- I'm in. See you at 7:30.

Tom -- Good luck with "dog slashing pass."

mob said...

Ok, so far David, James and me at Davids house at 7:30hr. How about Juliane and David, any chances?

Tom, why don't you do your doggy trip on Sunday? Then you will also face the approriate dog weather ....

TOM said...

Yeah, the weather forecaster really cheated me again on this one. Today would have been great for another dog slashing ride. Went shopping with the wife instead...what a terrible waste of time (and money).