08 July 2008

Riding Out the weekend July 12/13

My body is still in the office, but my brain is already firmly attached on the saddle of my bike somewhere out in the green. The weather forecast looks good for Saturday and Sunday as well, although it will be hot. Juliane, Jerome and david hopefully made it back safely from another volcanic island [I am still waiting for the tour report on this website]. There is no JCRC race planned for this weekend.
David rides out on Sunday with his MOF buddies, I might invite an old friend of mine for something leisurely on Sunday as well - perhaps we combine this one David?

But Saturday is still free, if there is any idea to go somewhere, please let me know.

I wouldn't mind to make the Enzan tour on the weekend August 2/3 - but after that my family will be back in Japan and it will be hard to negotiate a two day tour. So if Tom and David are fine, let's do it on this weekend.

Please also feel invited to come to my houseparty - I am home alone, my parents... ups....my family is in Germany. Two "technical university student in the 90ties style party nights" July 25, 26. Beer. Potato salad. Music. Not much else. Will advise details, if any, later.


TOM said...

Enzan Tour: weekend of Aug. 2-3 equally convenient for me.

David L. said...

I've made a plan to meet my two much younger colleagues at 7:30AM Sunday at my house. They both appear to be experienced cyclists, so I do not expect they will have any problem keeping up. ... and I won't be able to stay with them on the hills. Let me know if you want to join.

... I might be able to get out for a spin on Saturday. Too bad it is going to be HOT.

Best, David L.

TOM said...

Hi David, I'd like to join you youngsters on Sunday...8:15 at Sekidobashi?

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael
Still OK for a saturday ride? how about an early start 7:30 at sekidobashi?


mob said...


Yes I would like to ride on Saturday, the weather looks ok and I don't need to be home before 6 PM or so.

If it is only the two of us, why don't we meet at 7:30 AM at your house?

If we find more riders, we can also meet 8 AM at Sekidobashi.

Any ideas where to go? I was thinking about a long and hard ride to Okutama, then to Matsuhime then to Miyagaseko to Yabitsu and home along the coast to Kamakura, having dinner at the wonderful German restaurant there.

But any other ideas are also welcome. Have not done Doshimichi this year (only down from Fuji).

Also I would love to do Matsuhime and then Otoge, but I am not sure if I can find the entrance road.

Anyway, let's find out.

mob said...


if ok with you I would like to join you with a friend on Sunday at 7:30 AM at your house. My friend Ludwig works for McKinsey and he has some riding experience but not too much. Probably we will go together with you only for a few km and then go our own ways, I was thinking of Wada.

TOM said...

I'm in for tomorrow too! Leaving 7:30 from your place...that'll be more likely 8:15 at Sekidobashi. I'll be there. May I propose an entirely new route taking you through Akiyamamura and eventually to Doshimichi for the return? I promise, you will like the scenery + I will stick with the pack!

Anonymous said...


How about starting at 6:45 am because I fear the hot weather? I am not sure to be able to survive such a long ride due to my poor training record & might have to U turn at some point.
However the idea of having dinner in Kamakura sounds great


TOM said...

basically this is the route: Otarumi -> Sagamiko left side (via the very first bridge to the love hotels on the left side olf the lake)-> Akiyama Onsen -> Hinazuru Toge (Magalev testground) -> Tsuru City -> Dozaka-toge (very nice with tasty, free natural water midway) -> Doshimichi -> Home (well before 18:00)

TOM said...

Agree with Froggy...to earlier departure time the cooler a ride! Let's decide. Is piggy coming too?

Anonymous said...

Piggy mob, Tom

how about our dinner at Kamakura? still OK? if yes my wife & kids might join for dinner


TOM said...

Kermit..yes, I guess you guys could still make it to Kamakura...if you make the connection from Doshimichi to Yabitsu.

Otherwise Otoge, another suggestion made by Michael is a nice alternative too. I know the entrance point very well.

David L. said...

Dear Piggy, Froggy, Mouse:

1. Have fun tomorrow on whichever route you choose. You could do Tom's route, then head over Yabitsu and to Kamakura for those who want to have dinner at the German restaurant. ... whichever route you choose, there is very low chance I will make the early start since I have some dinner/after plans tonight. If things change I will call your mobile #s around 6:30AM.

2. MOB, see you at 7:30AM on Sunday with your friend. Tom, see you at 8:15 at Sekidobashi ... but best to touch base by mobile phone when you head out to make sure the schedule does not change/slip due to new riders. I was thinking about doing Yabitsu with them if all goes well ... hop in the river, maybe come back by train, but can change plans if you do Yabitsu tomorrow. Just need to go near a river -- even Akigawa would do.

3. Now unsure about August 2-3. Let's talk Sunday. Sounds like entire family will be in Tokyo that weekend, whereas I am a bachelor August 9-10.

All the best,


mob said...

Sorry, my name is not piggy. I am not female, piggy must be a female member of Positivo Espresso therefore. My name is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.


Jerome, Tom, ok, let's meet 6:45 at Jeromes house and 7:45 at Sekidobashi with Tom. Then we try Okutama, Matsuhime, perhaps Otoge and then Yabitsu to Kamakura.

Then we have dinner at the AMALFI at Kamakura, special guest our Aupair Anna, who is leaving next week, so this is the last chance to meet her.

Then home by car or train.
Quite a hard ride, so we might skip Otage would be my feeling.

TOM said...

To our happy zoo...see you animals at 7:45 Sekidobashi tomorrow. Michael, if you are intent on dining at the German restaurant in Kamakura, I strongly recommend the route I posted above. Here it is again: Otarumi -> Sagamiko left side (via the very first bridge to the love hotels on the left side olf the lake)-> Akiyama Onsen -> Hinazuru Toge (Magalev testground) -> Tsuru City -> Dozaka-toge (very nice with tasty, free natural water midway) -> Doshimichi -> Yabitsu -> Kamakura -> Home

Let's do O-toge some other time.

David L. said...

Dr. Honeydew:

I completely agree that cyclist bloggers should be free to choose their own nicknames ... at least for use on their own blogs. Note that I did NOT say "Miss Piggy", just Piggy, following up Froggy's post.

As for the muppets, I was never a big fan as a child, though I did go to college with Cheryl Henson ... and did witness colleagues involved in the first effort by Disney to negotiate to buy the rights to the muppets (in 1989 -- as noted in the linked web page).


I guess I would think we ought to come up with names that sound, well, faster, or at least suggest an ability to endure intense pain for long periods of time.

I should note that my employer recently revised its internet use policy to prohibit accessing non-work related blogs during work hours, so you may not find me posting from the office except in case of cycling emergency in the future.

Juliane said...

this is not piggy, but she would like to join in on Sunday. 7:30 at David's. No preference on the route but long and hard plz! ;-)

Anonymous said...

yellow road runner

welcome to the club. meeting point at Froggy house 7:30 or in front of David place.

Is DJ joining the crowd?


mob said...

Tom, Jerome,

Ok, let's do Tom's proposal tomorrow.:

Otarumi -> Sagamiko left side (via the very first bridge to the love hotels on the left side olf the lake)-> Akiyama Onsen -> Hinazuru Toge (Magalev testground) -> Tsuru City -> Dozaka-toge (very nice with tasty, free natural water midway) -> Doshimichi -> Yabitsu -> Kamakura -> Home

Just to warn you guys : From Yabitsu we go to Hadano, which is ok and then further south to Route 1 and then even further to the sea to route 134 which is .... hm .. a little bit disappointing in terms of scenary.

And I will not ride on my bike home from Kamakura !

This is the restaurant by the way :


Hope we will to survive to reach it.

Ok 06.30 Jerome, 07.30 Sekodo bashi.
See you there.

TOM said...

Crazy "thread" record entries....did someone mention something about LONG & HARD ??? I'm the guy for that!

Sat.: see you at 7:45 @ Sekidobashi (Nishibe-san is joining Jerome!): Hinazuru-Dozaka-Doshimichi-Yabitsu-Kamakura

Sun: see you at 8:15 for a LONG & HARD one...anything goes!