02 July 2008

Tsukuba 8 Hours Endurance Race July 19th

Alain and Olivier from NFCC and me are attending the eight hours Tsukuba endurance race on July 19th. This is not only a great race where team Positivo Espresso used to achieve
outstanding results in the last years (hello jane!), but also it used to be the first race I ever attended in my succesful career as JCRC amateur rider. That was in 2003 with Juliane, Shindo, Kurata, Matsuda, Kikuchi and some other guys from the previous Veloz team.

I have registered a team of three riders, but as we know from previous experience, it is no problem to ride with four or more riders, just need to exchange the Seken from time to time. It would be great if we get a team together of four or five riders. I know that Tom has other commitments and that Juliane and david are out of town, but perhaps David and Jerome are interested? It would be perhaps even possible to let Jerome's son ride some laps?
Please let me know if somebody is interested.

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