14 July 2008

Sunday in the heat

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Anonymous said...

To Tom, Nishibe san & Mob

Thanks for pulling me up to Dozaka. I will remember the rest at 7/11 for lunch: I could not imagine that such junk food & a short rest would contribute to jumpstart my body. Right after I left you to head towards Miyagase, I met an australian rider who was cycling back to Yamato => we cycled together to the base of Yabitsu until I turned right to start the climb. I had to climb the whole 12 kms with a flat back tyre before discovering that a small nail was flattening the only 2 spare tubes I had... It was a hard climb... right at the top I stopped a small truck which drove me down to Shibusawa & could make it to Kamakura but by train...
Sadly we did not go to the famedI German restaurant but will surely have another chance


TOM said...

Froggy, everytime we ride together you simply amaze me with the force of your "second wind". Must have been an ordeal to see one inner tube after the other go limp! Tiny metal splinters are often the culprit for this. Next time be sure to inspect the outer tube first!

Michael, when I recall seeing your reddened face suddenly turn ghastly pale as soon as you collapsed on top of Dozaka, I realize we were real lucky no ambulance had to come to your rescue!

I'm still playing with the idea of an August 2-3 trip with overnight at Enzan...so far only Michael has shown interest...