24 December 2008

What is supposed to make us "attractive" to the womenfolk...

20 Top Reasons To Date A Cyclist

1. That bulge isn't just the chamois.
2. Balls of steel.
3. They can go for hours and hours even when it hurts.
4. They know how to take it easy.
5. They know not to go real hard right from the beginning.
6. Smooth legs.
7. Skin tight lycra is real easy to take off.
8. Perfectly sculpted legs.
9. Better power-to-weight ratio than a small car.
10. They don't need booths to get their amazing tan... lines.
11. Perfect ass.
12. Diamond cut calves.
13. Incredible thigh definition.
14. Who else can perform for over 5 hours a day for 20 consecutive days?
15. When it gets hard, they find a rhythym and pound away.
16. They go hard and push until it gets even harder.
17. Some days they feel the need to attack, explore, and adventure.
18. They know that everything needs to be properly lubricated before it can be used to its full potential.
19. Even when we're about to explode, they can always hang on a little bit longer.
20. They always have water bottles and snacks laying around for those those times when it gets real long.

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