30 December 2008

Mars Petcare, Haba Toys, Wegmans Bagels and ....

Some month ago I wrote an unacceptable and disgusting post about a Positivo Espresso Rider Voluntary Recall. Actually, since then I have long forgotten about, but when I scanned the web for Positivo Espresso entries recently I found this after Mars Petcare, Haba Toys, Wegmans Bagels:


Perhaps we would like to inform them that the recall has been recalled.

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David L. said...


It is year-end, and so time for "best of" lists. A "best of" list for this blog would need to include

(1) the true Tokyo - Itoigawa monogatari,

(2) the Miyakejima entry with the photos of riders wearing gas masks, and

(3) the voluntary rider recall.

Many others as well.

Best, David