03 April 2009

Cent Cols Challenge

The Cent Cols Challenge involves climbing 100 Cols in ten days, cycling nearly 200 kms per day with an average of 3,000 metres of ascension on each stage. The first edition will be held on the 13th-23rd September 2009. The intention is for this to become an annual event. It will be held in the French Alps for the first three years. Thereafter it will be held in different mountainous regions for three years at a time.


Unfortunately it's SOLD OUT. Phew!


David L. said...

Yep, sorry you missed the sign up, James.

David J., Juliane, Jerome and I were lucky enough to get the last spot for this (though I may have forgotten to mention it to them) ... need to put our transalp experience to good use!

Manfred von Holstein said...

I'm envious - but mostly about your ability to take off so many days in a row!

Also envious about the climbing in the Alps, but not so sure I would want to do these tours. The weather is too unpredictable, and I'd rather be able to decide what days I ride based on the forecast.

David L. said...

Disclaimer: Yesterday I saw Laurent along the Tamagawa and he mentioned our transalp teams' entry into the Cent Cols ... so I regret to inform readers of this blog that I was only attempting to engage in some humor. I did not surreptitiously enter David J., Juliane, Jerome and myself in the Cent Cols event.
Maybe next year?