27 April 2009

Reverse Wada

Out with Michael, Graham & David today on the same loop that Bryon and I attempted last week before we were so rudely interrupted.

145kms, 1400m of climbing on a beautiful sunny, if blustery, Spring day.

We made good time out of Tokyo, had a pit-stop around the 60km mark then carried onto Wada toge, our goal for the day.

Highlights included a strong climb up Wada by David, meeting Jerome at the bottom of our descent, a cornering of the banana market and awesome ride back along the river with a HUGE tailwind. We were pushing 40km/h+ for most of the river. Has to be record time from the top of Wada to home. After checking my Garmin, we averaged 24.5km/h on the way out and 30.1km/h on the way back. Sugoi.

We met as usual at 7am at Ebisu station and I was home at exactly 2pm with a mildly sunburnt right calf to show for my travails.

Great day on the Cervelo, which yet again performed fantastically. It's about time the rider got a bit stronger and LIGHTER. :)

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