18 October 2009

Fixie for Sale

For Sale: Swobo Sanchez 55cm

Purchased July 2007, mildly used, lovingly cared for, great condition, stable consolidation forces reluctant sale.

Road Bike Action Magazine May/June 2008

National Geographic Adventure Review




Manfred von Holstein said...

Did we successfully convince you that fixies are not for normal roads? :)

David L. said...

I see that you have a front brake on it, ... and so the bike should be just fine on the road, even for a fixie "newbie." Too bad it looks like the frame is a little small for Manfred.
David L.

TOM said...

Very much like the graceful looks of your fixie James; it is a beauty. Shame you have to let it go and too bad I don't have extra storage room at my place! Have you tried the TCC site? This is where I managed to get rid of all my unneeded bikes....

Jimmy Shinagawa said...

Thanks Tom, I thought I'd offer it to the Positivos first, if no one has any interest, then try Metropolis, TCC and local bike shops.

The combination of strollers and bicycles in my genkan has to be addressed, but I will replace it in the future.

Dominic H said...

Well get rid of the stroller then.