26 October 2009

Train with POWER pain and simple

OK so I have had some feedback from the postings in regards to the CompuTrainer.
Most of these questions are centered around the same topics, "why would I need to do this", "what would I benefit from testing or training on that thing", " I have been doing the same thing for ages why should I change now" and so on.

In hopes of clearing up these questions and any others the team may have...

Citius, Altius, Fortius
Faster, Higher, Stronger
Latin motto for the Olympics

  • Testing on the the CT (computrainer) is the same as testing on a cycle ergometer. Some of the tests we conduct can tell you your VT or LT, Ventilatory Threshold or Lactate Threshold or Anaerobic Threshold. What can these numbers do for you? Using these values you can train for longer more powerful climbs. This specific training increases your bodies ability to deal with the "burn" and thus push yourself further and longer then past efforts. Training with these values keeps your heart rate lower while preforming better. This training is the gold standard for all cyclists as well as many other sport competitors. Over all this training will make you more efficient and FASTER

  • Cycle ergometers have long been the standard for testing and predicting VO2 max, or the volume of oxygen you can use. Without a spirometer, see photo, you can only predict the VO2 but the difference is that with this number we can determine your specific training intensities for the greatest results. Training your lungs and heart to work better, with less effort for longer durations will help with other systems in the body as well. Just as when you climb high onto a mountain and you struggle to catch your breath, training is this specific area will improve your bodies ability to cope with such stresses while improving the efficiency of the bodies systems at that intense level of exercise. You will be able to train harder and more efficiently and ultimatly with less effort, HIGHER

  • Most of all POWER is the unit of measurement that...if you don't know by now, means everything to most professionals. Simply put power is the product of speed and strength. To produce long sustained bouts of power you must train the systems that contribute to the direct output of said power, your legs. These systems are of course your BASE strength, your cardiovascular, lung and heart, endurance, muscle endurance, your ability to deal with the byproducts of fatigue, Lactate, and of course your ability to handle PAIN, STRONGER
This CT is primarily for testing purposes although there are extended training packages available. For general use one should try to test one or two times a month. Preforming these tests will give a rider feedback on their training both negative and positive. One may ask, "what negative information would that thing be able to tell me"? Using data from past tests and a specific test called the Ramp Test, determining your training effectiveness is revealed. First of all via your power output, secondly by your heart rate values as a sum from the test. If your heart rate sum is higher or the same as past tests, your most likely over-training or not training to improve your VT. If your power output is lower, your either over-training or your not training properly for power improvements.

Lastly its good fun to compete against others. Sitting around talking about how much power you can produce is empowering and well much like a big dogs bark.

In light of this simple nature that exists in our little group I would like to have a day of free testing on the CT. I'm thinking of a Saturday or Sunday in the near future. Nothing big or intense, just a simple power test. This will take place at my new studio rental space located at Tokyo Physio

If there are any suggestions please feel free to send em over as well as any questions, comments, complaints or self doubts.

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional


James said...

Many many thanks for this informative post. As i mentioned Im taking my training to the next level and currently working with my indoor trainer and Tanita/Garmin products to maximise my training and diet to get my body where it needs to be. Actually having a workout or winter training program would be very benifitial to me but my biggest problem is time and location as I am based in Yokohama.

As for the Testing day on the CT I would be very, very interested in this also as I would like to see if what I've been doing has actually been benifitial to me as a cyclist.

James said...

No one else interested in this? Come on guys this is an awesome oportunity!

Keren_m said...

Sounds good to me and I am keen to try this out as well.

Manfred von Holstein said...

I'm also interested if I can make the timing work.

I would like to point out though that it is quite possible to determine your optimal training without fancy devices. A pulse meter will do. You just have to figure out from experience at what rate you go anaerobe, and train accordingly - i.e. depending on what you want to achieve, spend more or less time in anaerobe or maximum aerobe mode. And of course adjust your limits over time, as your performance improves.

I have been able to do this quite well over the past 12 months. A year ago, I was able to go above heart rate 160 for only a few seconds, then as I managed to go above it for 10-20 minutes, I tended to develop headaches the next day, while today I can go at 175 for an hour and feel nothing the next day. All a matter of training yourself up consistently, and patiently. The same goes for endurance, which I have also pushed up quite dramatically.

Anonymous said...

"I would like to point out though that it is quite possible to determine your optimal training without fancy devices."

No $hit, Spock.

David Litt said...

Sign me up! I would love to try the test.
Weekend of Nov 14 or 21, or Sun Nov 29?
Best regards,

dominic Henderson said...

Definitely interested. Could do this coming weekend or the next. Then I am off to NY.

mob said...

I would like to sign up as well, if possible together with David on teh same days.

James said...

Same dates for me Bryon. Also I sent you an e-mail yesterday wondering if you had chance to look at it.