08 October 2009


Im a bit of a dab hand with electronics as well as mechanics so I decided to break from the normal and give my iPhone a bit of Positivo BLING!

Not happy with making do with the borring "Black or White" iphone that seems to match the Positivo "B" Team, I decided that I had to have a custom "A" team iPhone otherwise I would switch to AU that seems to produce all manner of phones in out team colours!
A quick call to Hong Kong and a new Orange shell and larger capacity battery was dispatched and Steve Jobs called me and appologized for the error of not creating a Positivo "A" team shell upon release of the phone.
Appology accepted I went about my work. The project require the whole phone to be gutted and all the little bezzels and flanges removed and inserted in to the new case. Unless you have a very steady hand this can prove to be a most fustrating task!
But after countless hours of repairing other peoples iPhones it's got to the point where I can now do this with my ishut.

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