06 May 2010

Sunday Riders

As this weekend is the last week I should do any distance training for the Tokyo Itoigawa Fast Run I was wondering if anyone is free for an epic 200+ km ride this Sunday (Saturday is a no go for me)

I was planning on doing the same route I did a few weeks back with Dave -  Otarumi, Matsuhime, Tomin no mori and home. This was about 250km from Yokohama and also leaving early to avoid climbing at midday and allowing us home at a reasonable time.

I've posted the ride details on the TCC forums so hopefully we could get a good turn out.


Manfred von Holstein said...

Thanks for organizing a ride.

I will be exploring rural Gunma, so won't be able to join.

I realise I owe the blog many posts about my recent rides, including two extremely exciting (read: adventurous and daring) cyclocross rides. But all the riding and everything else I have to do in between (e.g. work!) has not given me the time to write.

If you want to make your Sunday ride a bit tougher, take Kazahari Rindo rather than the main road, and come back via Akigawa Kaido rather than Koshukaido, maybe even adding Suzugane. That would make it almost one of Tom's tours de force.

David L. said...

7AM start at Tamagawahara-bashi (6:30AM at my house on Komazawa-Dori) is perfect. If I am good on Saturday, and walk our dog Max before leaving home Sunday, I will have just enough brownie points to disappear for a good portion of Mother's Day.
Best, David L.

James said...


If it suits you better I can do earlier.


Looking forward to the blog enteries. As for Sunday's ride I'm not out to punish myself just get some mileage and climbing in. I want to be able to walk the next day ;)

TOM said...

James, like you I'm doing another super-long (250km) super-hard Itoigawa training this Sunday (the usual Yanagisawa - Kamihikawa - Sasago - Suzugane - etc. route).

I prefer to go solo though as this is all about trying to find the right balance - reduce stops, etc. I will also be experimenting with a new Campa-based bike I might use at Itoigawa (secret weapon ??) !!

Ludwig, after Itoigawa, we got to do some more cyclocrossing together again!

Fumiki said...


I have interested in your plan so much.
So,partial coverage is ok ?
I hope that join in Takao-7/11,7:50am
And say good bye at the top of Kazahari touge.

I think I'm gonna be drag on you guys.
If I can not catch up with you,please let me solo and go ahead in any section.
(especially at descent)

David L. said...

Fumiki-san -- I don' think you will be slowing us down. At least not Michael H and me. You can wait for us at the top of the hills.

So far just looking here and at the TCC thread, James, Yair, Fumiki, Michael H., David L., and "echothree" from TCC are expected. Also, CJ from my office said that he and Kevin (who is scheduled to get back to Japan today) may join us somewhere along the route ... they may be on a different schedule but overlap.