02 May 2010

weetin' the heid of the bairn

And so it is...the day has arrived that the ceremony should commence.
The Blide-meat shall be held at the current location for which we are staying and all are invited. As per tradition (Orkney not Irish) scones and whiskey will be served as well as a number of other tasty eats and drinks.
The original date was posted on another blog post but not so clearly stated, so...

Date: May 8th
Location: The Moncrieff residence in Meguro-ku 2-10-68-302 Masters Y House Mita
Time: TBD
Post event: near by pub to carry on with the celebration

Please let us know if you can make this event as we hope to pack the house we have been so greatly invited to stay in.

Thank you All for the warm wishes of health and prosperity.

Bryon, Natsumi & Yuta


lovensprockets said...

I think that there may be a problem when I post on the site, or no one is interested!

James said...


I would have loved to attend but unfortunately I already have something that I have to attend.

Dominic H said...

Assuming this is an evening event I'm afraid to say I already have a leaving party in the schedule. If it is earlier I would love to stop by. D.

Jimmy Shinagawa said...

Any idea what time you might do this Bryon?
Evening might be an issue for us too, but would love to try and pop in for a short while if we can?

David Litt said...

Agreed, I will try to stop by ... depending on the time.
Best, David

lovensprockets said...

Hi everyone,

Sorry but we wanted to decided on a time that would work for most. With that in mind we will be here from 14:00-16:00.