04 June 2010


I've got a spare entry (or two) for FHC 2010 (the 'fun-ride' version) this Sunday. Text or email if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

Si, would love to join. Looking forward to meeting you all.
Alberto C.

Anonymous said...

Dang!! Wanted to join y'all but if Alberto is going I must decline.

P.S. Why do people call me Pharmstrong?

Anonymous said...

Oh ya!

I would love to join zee race, although zee bicycle needs zee gear adjust so pleaze excuze strange whirling sound, ya?

Fabian C.

David L. said...

James K:
I hope you were successful in getting Arashiro-san to take my entry spot. I see that he ended up in the 93rd spot for Giro finishers, and placed very high in such useless and forgotten categories as the "TV Classification" (7th with 7 points), "Azzurri d'Italia Classification" (30th with 1 point), Premio della Fuga classification (15th with 144 points), Combativity classification (17th with 12 points), ... so he is welcome to my spot and best of luck to him.

As for Fabian C. ... too bad he is riding for SaxoBank with a Specialized bike these days, if he were still on a Cervelo then there would already be one of those motor assists fitted perfectly for your S3 tubing.

Best of luck to all!

He even got 3 points for 38th in the Mountains Classification.