11 June 2010

We're all CANNIBALS !!

Tom Boonen's Quick Step team switched to Eddy Merckx bikes some while ago. For the launch of the new EMX-7 model (on June 22), the PR people at Eddy Merckx Cycles created this attention-grabbing copy (re-)enacted by Tommeke Boonen...
Commented The Cannibal Himself after viewing the (controversial) poster:
"I find this too aggressive - way too dramatic. I was even shocked when I saw the advertising campaign. This is simply too provocative for me - I guess I can no longer follow...I've grown too old for this kind of stuff. Also, I couldn't raise objections or anything; after all my company was sold, so..."


Manfred von Holstein said...

True, quite disgusting.

TOM said...

Apparently, in Belgium the Merckx bikes are predominantly ridden by cash-rich middle-aged or retired people. The people of the new PR team believe they can change that "mellow" image by adding spice and appealing to younger generations with this kind of savage advertising.

Not for me either...too rude, too uncivilized! Bad image for the brand in markets like Japan, I'd think.

James said...

The thing is though... he lived off the brand image of the "Cannibal" in cycling for many, many years, he did nothing to dispel it or refute it back then and it intimidated his rivals for many, many years.

I know he didn't coin the nickname himself but come on let’s face it.... it's not as if his nickname was "The Princess" or “The vegetarian” now was it!

Yes this poster and campaign is a little close to the edge, but we all know exactly what a cannibal is don’t we.

I do beleive however that they should have consulted with him first, before going a head with the campaign.