11 August 2010

An Addition to the Positivo Espresso List of Great Sport Heroes

Obvious choice: Jens Voigt. He will join the ranks of Peyresourde, Aspin, Soulor and Aubisque; David Hasselhoff (although I have to concede that his name is contended in the list) and David L. recovering after his n-th accident.

The website Jens Voigt facts offers some astonishing insides into the head and life of this sportman.

Quote: "If Jens Voigt was a country, his principle exports would be Pain, Suffering, and Agony. "

Quote: "Jens' big ring is 56. His rear cassettte is 11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-12. "

Quote: "Jens Voigt has four heart rate training zones: anger, rage, fury and breakaway."

1 comment:

David L. said...

I see that Jens will be riding with the Schleck brothers next season -- not retired yet!