13 August 2010

No Addition

I am shocked to see so many blatant infringements of Euro-cyclist codes. HTFU.
Anyway, who can identify the bike, components?


Dominic H said...

bTwin frame with Campagnolo components and wheels. But shouldn't Monsieur Le President at least have Ma-veek wheels?? Also, are there such things as platform-soled cycling shoes?

David L. said...

bTwin ... French company, I think, but frame made in Taiwan or PRC? I thought that French Presidents needed to ride Look or Time frames?

and no helmet -- dumb cyclist (though I guess he is climbing -- could be the final climb of the day?), but smart politician. Helps to avoid the "Michael Dukakis moment" -- when Democratic Party Presidential candidate in 1988 donned a tank commander helmet/headset for a ride in a new tank during the campaign -- it was very hard to imagine him as Commander-in-Chief after seeing what a geek he looked like bouncing around in a tank.

I'ld like to see him race against Putin.

Dominic H said...

At least he isn't riding the Trek that Armstrong gave him.