20 August 2010


One more step along the road to global domination: PE has conquered the highest mountain pass in Japan (2,700m).

More here.


David L. said...

Looks like a great trip. Congratulations. Having done Nomugi Pass on the S. side of Norikura, can't wait to get an opportunity at the Super Rindo ... though wait I must, unless I get incredibly lucky this fall.

TOM said...

Fantastic adventure Ludwig. Congratulations...you're the absolute champ.

mob said...

Well, I think Ludwig, you have become by now the unchallenged sage of new and reclusive mountain roads (asphalt or gravel) in the greater Tokyo area (that is, within 300 km vincinity).

Perhaps in a company one would call you Chief Rindo Officer (CRO)?

Here is something I stumbled over some days ago:


This is a site, that we had on the linklist at PE but for some reason was deleted. They had beste times for the Wada and Shiraishi climbs but have upgraded their portfolio recently.

We know most of the Toge, but I didn't know about Laputa, which is quite close to Ura Wada. Simply crazy: 158 m elevation gain on 868 m distance. This is even more crazy than the ride to the Mitake cable station.

Let me know once you tried.

Greeting from 2D Bremen.

Manfred von Holstein said...

Should give it a try. Must be the dead-end road leading up from here:


An even crazier climb is On Toge between Osaka and Nara. Did this earlier this summer as part of a larger loop:


It shows up as 11% on mapmyride, but that's just because the entire tour was so long. The climb is actually as steep as 23% in places, so steep it is hard to move the bike without getting severe back pain or risking falling into the descending cars on what is basically a single-lane road. I ended up walking some parts because of the pain and danger. Actually, there were a few more really steep climbs later in the ride - the people in Kansai seem to think less of steepness, but then the mountains are also not as high as in Kanto.